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Don't sacrifice your sleep because of bed bugs crawling and biting you. Get rid of bed bugs before it affects your sleep and quality of life. American Pest Control is owned by an expert in removing this type of pest out of your home or business. Have a comfortable rest without bugs crawling in your bed.


We offer a military discount to active and retired military. Rely on our professionals to give you quality workmanship each time you use our services. Ask about our bed liners!

Rid Your Home or Business of Bed Bugs!

We have experience using numerous applications to remove pests from commercial and residential establishments such as churches, schools, and more.

Please give us a call today to receive quality service for your pest control needs.


  • Vacuum floor and carpets

  • Remove all bedding and sheets

  • Wash bedding and clothes in hot water

  • Launder pillows and rugs

  • Repair or replace items damaged by bed bugs

Bed bug treatment process

Contact Us today and we will ensure you won't have to worry about bed bugs when you rest at night.

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