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Termites have the ability to damage wooden structures and this fact  is known for thousands of years. Termites have been around for more then 100 million years and one of the most ancient among insects.


The damage to properties caused by termites in the US alone is huge. According to the experts, termites caused more damage each year than fires and floods combined.


No matter how your house has been constructed, where it is situated or how old it is, there is always the possibility that your property will be attacked by subterranean termites. Subterranean termites are among the most destructive organisms on the planet. In fact, this type of termite is considered as a threat to 70 percent of the world and in every part of the United States except for Alaska. The damage that termites cause is worth $2-3 billion each year in the US alone.


Termites are in fact considered the most serious threat your home may face. Usually, homeowner's insurance doesn't cover damages caused by termites.


Because of the huge damage that termites can do to your property, it is important that you are aware of signs of termite infestation. One is earthen (mud) tubes that could extend over the foundation walls, support piers, sill plates, floor joist, among many others. Mud tubes are usually about a diameter of a pencil and sometimes it could be thicker.



Termite-damaged wood is usually hollowed out along the grain, with bits of dried mud or soil lining the feeding galleries. Damages caused by moisture or other types of insects wouldn't appear like this.


Normally, there are no visible signs or indication that our homes or properties are termite infested. Termites are cryptic creatures and infestations could go undetected. The damages are hidden behind walls, floor coverings, insulation, and other obstructions. Usually, the damage goes undetected considering that a damaged wood exposed to termite infestation has its outer surface intact.


To confirm a termite infestation requires keen eye of an experienced termite inspector. Our company have qualified termite inspectors that will check on your property to determine if it is affected by termite infestation. We will determine the extent of the damages caused by termites, will work on preventing further damages on your property and we will get rid of the termites before it cause more trouble to property.

Termite Control & Baiting Systems

  • Hollow-sounding wood

  • Mud tubes located on exterior walls

  • Cracked paint on wood surfaces

  • Discarded wings or groups of winged insects


Ask about our termite baiting systems to keep termites from entering your home or business.

Signs to look out for include:

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